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Joris Bertrand
Joris is interested in understanding how evolutionary forces induce populations differentiation and ultimately speciation. He is also a great photographer! link.

Josselin Cornuault
Josselin’s research is focused on the history of community assembly of island biota. link.

Boris Delahaie
Boris is currently finishing his PhD and works on morphometry and clinal variation in Zosterops borbonicus, as well between morphs than along environmental gradients.

Christophe Thébaud
PhD advisor. Christophe focuses on ecological and evolutionary dynamics and how they affect biodiversity through space and time. link.

Borja Milá
PhD co-advisor. Borja is interested in birds ecology and evolution.

Ben Warren
Ben studies the constitution of communities in insular environments. He is particularly interested in birds phylogeography.


Find out more about the Ebert lab there


Léa Bardon
Léa did her PhD at the EDB laboratory in Toulouse. She was interested in the phylogeography of Chrysobalanacae, a worldwide tropical trees family.

Anaïs Gibert
Anaïs is looking for mechanisms ensuring the stability of symbiotic interactions at different temporal and spatial scales. She has more recently focused on correlations between traits and growth in plants, and knows better than most of us how to share data and analysis pipelines.

Pierre-Jean Malé
Pierre-Jean is also interested in symbiotic interactions. He is more specifically focusing on how close interactions such as parasitism or symbiosis are affecting genetic diversity. link.

Aurélie Khimoun
Aurélie focuses on how ecology, geography and reproductive isolation can lead to differentiation and ultimately to speciation.

Marion Chartier
Marion is interested in co-evolution between plants and pollinators. And she is a great dancer. link.

EDB Laboratory

Study of Zosterops borbonicus
It is there

48 birds genomes
If you are interested in birds genomics, go and dig into this huge database! link.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Daphnia* (*But Were Afraid to Ask)
Go there.

A user-friendly initiative to call SNPs
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Needing help for your figures? Contact my sister…
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Anne Roulin and I are currently working on a grass plant, and are using whole genomes to study TEs dynamics and to find genes under selection.

I am currently working in the Boissinot lab, working on a variety of taxa, but my main project is mainly focusing on hybridization and its impact on genomes dynamics in three toads species.