Academic Life and Popular Science

Reviewing activity

Reviewer for eLife, Genome Biology and Evolution, Molecular Biology and Evolution, Ibis, The Auk, PeerJ, Genetica, Molecular Ecology, Molecular Ecology Resources, BMC Evolutionary Biology, Global Change Biology, Biology Letters, Genetics and Molecular Biology, the Czech Science Foundation, the Hong Kong Research Grants Council and the US-Israel Binational Science Foundation.

Assessor for PhD. committees (2020): Francesca Noyce (University of Portsmouth), Christina Scott (University of Portsmouth), Nikolaos Minadakis (Botanical Institute, University of Zurich).

Examiner for PhD viva (2020): Werner Struss (University of Portsmouth).

Grants and scholarships

September 2020: Co-investigator on a conservation project focusing on the endangered Reunion harrier (103,088 euros). Lead PI: Steve Augiron, SEOR. Role: investigating the mutational load and past history of the species. Funded by Conseil Régional de La Réunion (France), Programme Opérationnel FEDER Réunion Conseil Régional 2014-2020.

April 2020: Co-investigator on a project investigating SARS-CoV2 dynamics in Portsmouth region (£288,800). Lead PI: Samuel Robson, Portsmouth University. Funded by COG-UK.

September 2019: Applied to Marie Curie Fellowship, returning investigator (191,149.44 euros). Project BrachyAdapt on the population genomics of adaptation in Brachypodium dystachion. Score of 92.8%, Granted. Declined to take a permanent position at the University of Portsmouth.

April 2010: ATUPS program travel grant from Toulouse University (1,500 euros). One month in Hopi Hoekstra’s laboratory, Harvard, United States.

Sept. 2010-Aug. 2013: PhD supported by a grant from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research (50,000 euros). 

Sept. 2006-Aug. 2010: Master and first year of PhD supported by a grant from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research (67,000 euros). 

Popular science

2010-2013: Writer for the journal Plume! ( Involvement in various popular science events in Toulouse (Novela, Fête de la Science, Nuit des chercheurs, Scientilivre). I participated to Improsciences, a perfomance gathering two scientists and two improv actors.

Teaching and supervision

2019-2020: Lectures and workshops in Bioinformatics (Master level, 50 hours), population genetics (L1, 4 hours), Python and R (L1, 4 hours), and Introduction to Biology (4 hours). Supervision of Honours projects.

2018-2019: Supervision of an undergraduate student (Imtiyaz Hariyani): population genomics of transposable elements in a complex of Ethiopian frogs (genus Ptychadena). Evaluation of undergraduate research theses in population genetics. Evaluation of Capstone theses, NYUAD.

2017-2018: Supervision of three undergraduate students (Jigar Govind, Sudikchya Shrestha, Mona Nehme): population genetics and signatures of balancing selection at immune genes in endemic Ethiopian frogs. Invited lecture in evolutionary immunology at NYUAD (1 hour).

2015-2019: Officially eligible to french « Maître de conférences » positions (equivalent to associate professor) in section 67 (Population Biology & Ecology) and in section 68 (Organismal Biology), as defined by the French National Board of the Universities (C.N.U.). 

2014-2015: Basics in Population Genetics for bachelor students. 10 hours.

2014-2015: Participation to BlockKurse at the University of Basel. Co-supervision of four bachelor students for a short research project.

2010-2012: Supervision of bachelor and master students. Co-supervision of the ornithology module at the University of Toulouse (organized by Christophe Thébaud).

2009-2010: Animal anatomy and Plant organization practical classes for bachelor students. 18 hours.

Lab life

2015: Organizer of a one day meeting for post-docs from the Basel environmental sciences department.

2009-2010: Graduate students representative at the laboratory council