Academic Life and Popular Science

Reviewing activity

Reviewer for BMC Evolutionary BiologyGenetics and Molecular Biology, Biology Letters, the Czech Science Foundation, the U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation, Molecular Ecology Resources, Molecular Ecology and Global Change Biology.

Popular science

2010-2013: Writer for the journal Plume! ( Involvement in various popular science events in Toulouse (Novela, Fête de la Science, Nuit des chercheurs, Scientilivre). I participated to Improsciences, a perfomance gathering two scientists and two improv actors.

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Teaching and supervision

2015-2019: Officially eligible to french « Maître de conférences » positions (equivalent to associate professor) in section 67 (Population Biology & Ecology) and in section 68 (Organismal Biology), as defined by the French National Board of the Universities (C.N.U.). 

2014-2015: Basics in Population Genetics for bachelor students. 10 hours.

2014-2015: Participation to BlockKurse at the University of Basel. Co-supervision of four bachelor students for a short research project.

2010-2012: Supervision of bachelor and master students. Co-supervision of the ornithology module at the University of Toulouse (organized by Christophe Thébaud).

2009-2010: Animal anatomy and Plant organization practical classes for bachelor students. 18 hours.

Lab life

2015: Organizer of a one day meeting for post-docs from the Basel environmental sciences department.

2009-2010: Graduate students representative at the laboratory council

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