Research Interests

I am interested in understanding how selection acts on polymorphism and speciation in natural populations, by combining genetics and genomics with the study of environmental variations and ecology. My thesis in Toulouse dealt with the genetic bases of color variations in an endemic bird from RĂ©union island, Zosterops borbonicus. I used a variety of approaches such as classical population genetics, candidate genes studies, RAD-sequencing, but also GIS and niche modelling. To follow this research, go there.
After a post-doc in Dieter Ebert’s team at Basel University my interests now include the genetics of host-parasite interactions. I also collaborated on various projects such as the study of evolutionary radiations on archipelagoes in Tetragnatha spiders, museomics of Crowned pigeons from New Guinea (Goura), or evolution of the Foudia genus in the Mascarenes. Currently I am a post-doc at NYUAD, in the Boissinot’s lab, where I will focus on how selection, hybidization and transposable elements act on genomic architecture.
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